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You Will Love Working With Our Closet Designers in Alexandria

Industry Pros With Four Decades of Experience

We are experienced enough to know when to give our opinion and when to listen, and we value your satisfaction above all else. We've built countless walk-in closets, reach-in closets, garage storage spaces, home offices, and more, and we can offer expert insight and advice at every turn. That said, we can also include all of your preferences and needs during the closet building process.

A Collaborative and Fun Experience

As mentioned above, we prefer to collaborate with our valued customers. You can be as detailed as you'd like, by sending us pictures, materials, trim preferences, and more, or you can simply tell us that you love mid-century modern style or tudor architecture. We are committed to making the entire experience enjoyable for you and your family.

Final Sign-Off on Each Detail

You will receive a 3D mockup of the closet design before we start to build the components in our shop. At this point, you are more than welcome to provide feedback, and we will correct the simulation of your closet before a single board is sawed.

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

We are so committed to quality in our materials, designs, and workmanship that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty. Should you notice warped or cracked boards, if a sliding door starts to stick, or if anything else goes awry, please let us know as soon as possible.

From Purely Practical to High End - You Have Options

Your Choice of High End Closet Finishes

We can accommodate a variety of high-end finish options for a luxurious and personalized space. Consider premium wood materials such as walnut, cherry, or oak with custom staining or lacquering for a refined appearance. Incorporate soft-close drawers and hinges for sophisticated functionality, or ask us about working with a local electrician or lighting specialist on energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the closet, including accent lights, display case lighting, and motion-activated sensors.

Elegant glass-fronted cabinets can showcase favorite items or collections, while velvet-lined drawers add a touch of luxury to jewelry and accessory storage. High-end designer hardware, such as handles, knobs, and pulls, can complement the overall design and add a personalized touch. Built-in seating, like plush benches or ottomans upholstered in high-quality fabric or leather, enhances comfort and convenience. Leather drawer pulls and accents, along with architectural elements like crown molding and wainscoting, can elevate the visual appeal of the closet.

For the ultimate convenience and luxury, consider rotating shoe racks or motorized clothing racks that bring items to clients at the push of a button. Custom mirrors, including full-length, wall-mounted, or built-in mirrors with elegant frames or LED lighting, provide a polished and functional addition to the space. Finally, specialized climate-controlled storage areas can maintain optimal conditions for delicate items, such as furs or fine fabrics. By offering these high-end finish options, you can help your affluent clients create a custom closet that meets their unique tastes and requirements while providing a luxurious and comfortable space to store and display their belongings.

No Interest in a Luxe Closet? No Problem - Quality and Design is Standard

You don't need leather upholstery and rotating jewelry displays to have an amazing closet system. From walk-in closets in your master bedroom suite to linen closets in the hallway, we will customize every detail for you.

For instance, we can design floor-level storage with benches on top, with clothing racks high enough to allow for seating underneath. We can also create built-ins that won't eat up square footage, and practical and beautiful closet islands are always available. We can also install slanted shelving for shoes or watches, and we can secure your valuables with lockable systems.

You also have complete control over the trim and molding we use on your design. You can use crown molding for a timeless look, or we can use modern colors and finishes (gray ash, for instance) with geometric lines.

What We'll Chat About in Your Free Consultation

To start off, we'll discuss your objectives for the closet, including storage capacity, organization preferences, and specific functionalities they desire. Our designers will also visit the space and take accurate measurements- we will also consider any structural constraints or unique features.

It's essential to assess the types and quantities of items you want to store in the closet, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, and special items like jewelry or handbags. We'll chat about preferred design aesthetics, including style, materials, finishes, and color schemes, and address your budget to ensure that the proposed design aligns with their financial expectations.

We then collaborate on the closet layout and organization, taking into account factors like hanging space, shelving, drawers, and other storage solutions, as well as your habits and lifestyle. Lighting requirements for the space certainly come into play, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, and any additional electrical needs such as outlets or charging stations.

We will then explore high-end finish options and custom features you may be interested in, like built-in seating, rotating shoe racks, motorized clothing racks, or climate-controlled storage.

We then provide an estimated project timeline and discuss the installation process, addressing any potential scheduling concerns. You will receive a clear line of communication and expectations for collaboration throughout the design and installation process.

We Design Closets in Alexandria and the Surrounding Areas

We help folks all along the Potomac River in Northern VA and Maryland. Whether you're along 495 in Huntingdon, south on 629 towards Belle View, or further north along Route 1, give us a call. Our closets have improved Dutch Colonial homes, ultra modern townhomes, large traditionalist mansions, mid-century modern ranch style homes, and even apartments in multi-family units. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're ready for a striking new closet - we would love to help.