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Custom Closets in Annapolis, MD | Expert Design + Installation

Free Design & Quote

As the leading custom closet designers and builders in Annapolis, MD, we would love to provide you with a free design consultation. From the initial design consultation to the actual closet installation, we care deeply about quality and customer satisfaction. Give us a call to learn more about our process, experience, and vision for your home.

Why Work With My Closet Guys?

Insured Contractors With 40+ Years of Experience

We’ve been building custom closets, pantries, garage storage and more for over forty years, and we’ve made hundreds of homeowners happy along the way. There is no space or home design that we can’t handle. Furthermore, we’ve learned that each closet installation is a unique experience - we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to your home. You can trust our experience and work ethic to create an amazing storage space for you.

Lifetime Warranty

Our materials, machinery, and techniques are industry-leading, and for that reason, we are comfortable providing a lifetime warranty on our work. We never expect our customers to call us about a defect in their custom closet, but should they feel the need, we’ll make it right as soon as humanly possible.

Courteous Contractors + Headache-Free Service

An in-home closet build may feel like an invasive process. We’re sensitive to the fact that we are in your home, and we go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable. We are courteous and friendly, and we make sure to cover any carpets, appliances, or other furniture that may be at risk while we work on your closet space.

Additionally, we stick to our time frames and install your closet as quickly as possible (while adhering to our quality standards). We don’t want to be in your home for longer than a day if there’s no pressing need.

Rigorous Design Process

Your custom closet starts with a careful design phase. We don’t want to build something that you don’t think is amazing! We will visit your home, measure the space in great detail, apply your desires and feedback, and present you with a 3D rendering of the closet or storage unit. Only after every detail has been decided upon will we proceed with the fabrication of your closet.

Excellent Cost Value

At My Closet Guys, we actually do the work. Because we fulfill our closets in-house, we are able to provide reasonable, streamlined pricing to our clients. No markups for sub-contractors means more affordable pricing for you. Additionally, we do offer financing to our customers.

The Process When You Call Our Custom Closet Builders in Annapolis, MD

Call To Schedule a Design Consultation

When you call My Closet Guys, we’ll speak with you on the phone about your needs, goals, and desired materials (if you have some in mind). Then we will promptly schedule a time to visit your home and measure your space. We will also present sample materials at this time. We’ll speak with you about your dream closet and start on a strategy to create it for you.

An Itemized Estimate in Short Order

Once we know what the project will entail, we’ll send you a free quote on cost and time frame. We pride ourselves on sticking to time frames so that you closet installation experience is as seamless as possible.

The Design Phase + 3D Rendering

Before we start fabricating materials, we will carefully design your closet space in our design software. We’ll even create a realistic 3D rendering that you can review and approve before we start building.

Closet Build and Fabrication

Up next, we will get the materials and use our industry-leading machinery to cut it to perfect specifications. Whether you want a walk in closet or a reach in closet, each board and door needs to fit perfectly if it will last for a lifetime.

Post-Installation Feedback From Customers

Our projects are never complete until we’ve received sparkling feedback from our customers. After you’ve had a chance to live in your new space, we want to hear from you about its look and functionality.

The Benefits of Our Custom Closet Systems

Our Custom Closets Maximize Your Space

Regardless of the size of your home, you want to utilize every square foot in an efficient manner. Nothing clutters your rooms and mind like shoes, clothing, jewelry, and other items strewn about the floor and your dresser.

We will measure your room and potential closet space to create an oasis or organization and visual appeal, and your home will never feel more spacious.

Uniquely Express Your Style and Personality

It’s your home, and there’s no reason to settle for an out-of-the-box look. You can do more with your house! We can design a perfect closet space for you that includes chairs and benches, accents for ambience, carpet or wood flooring, and anything else that you see fit. Let us help you express your style through an amazing custom closet in Annapolis.

Closets Specifically Built For Items in Your Home

Every homeowner has a unique set of needs. Do you have a stunning shoe collection that you want to access or showcase? Let us design slanted shoe shelves for you. Do you need a watch or jewelry draw to store your valuables? We can design the perfect solution for you. From pull out shelving to sliding doors and more, we are happy to help.

Maximum Item Visibility + Quality of Life

When your clothes, shoes, and jewelry are easy to see and access, your quality of life will dramatically improve. We can showcase each item of your wardrobe so that choosing outfits and accessing pieces is easier than ever. It will be easy to select clothing and return it to its rightful place in your new closet.

Types of Custom Closets You Can Choose From in Annapolis

Walk In Closets in Annapolis, MD

Many of our clients call about building walk-in closets in their homes. We’ve built hundreds of these, and we can design a space that is equally practical and luxurious. From large walk-in closets with an island and seating to smaller walk-in closets that will efficiently store clothes, shoes, and more, get in touch.

Reach In and Linen Closets

You don’t need to build a walk-in closet to call My Closet Guys. We also have a tremendous amount of experience building 3’-8’ wide reach in closets, hallway closets, and linen closets. We can customize doors, partitions, shelving, drawers, and more.

Custom Armoires in Annapolis, MD

Perhaps you need a custom armoire to house your clothing and frame your bed and bedroom - we are happy to help. We can customize your armoire to perfectly fit your bedroom, and we can build it with any kind of wood or finish that sounds appealing to you.

Custom Closets, Closet Organizers and Shelving in Annapolis, MD & Surrounding Areas

If you’re ready to install your dream closet and get your house in order, give us a call! We would love to speak with you and create an amazing space for you. We are VA’s closet building experts, and whether you live in Annapolis, Hillsmere Shores, Parole, or a different location in the greater Annapolis area, we can schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.