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Custom Closets in Arlington, VA

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The closet that you have always wanted is just a call away. Our projects stand on more than four decades of experience with clients just like you.

To get you started, we can offer you a free quote for your first call. All of our work comes with lifetime warranties, so pick up the phone today and call us to get started.

Bespoke, Practical Closets that Meet Your Unique Needs in Arlington, VA

Whether you need functional space for specific storage needs or want to explore luxury walk-in closet options, My Closet Guys has seen and done it all.

Walk-In Closet Design and Installation

These days, everyone wants the luxury and practicality of a walk-in closet. But walk-ins can take many different shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we have designed and installed hundreds of walk-ins for a variety of different types of spaces. Some walk-ins feature island dressers, seating, vanities, full-length mirrors, and clandestine safes. Whatever the case may be, your closet should be catered to your specific needs.

You should think of a walk-in closet not as just a place for storing your items, but as another room where you will likely spend a decent amount of time throughout your week. That is why it is so important to explore all options for making this highly personal space as comfortable as possible.

Create the Perfect Linen Closet

No matter the size of the closet, there is always more that you can do to make the most of your space. Sometimes, this requires more than just moving stuff around. Having a closet that serves all of your needs can make cleaning and housework easier, saving you the critical time out of your day that can be better spent elsewhere.

An ideal linen closet will be able to serve multiple purposes. The closet should contain space to store clothing items like dry-cleaning without causing awkward folds. You should also be able to store heavy items like linens and blankets where they are easy to reach, as well as shoes on a couple of floor-level shelves.

Don’t believe that this can be done with your closet? Call us and we’ll explain how a customized redesign can make better use out of your cluttered space.

Our Unique Process for Custom Closet Design and Installation in Arlington, VA

Our expert designers approach each project with the same eye for care and efficiency. When you schedule your appointment, we will come to your home, outline the space, discuss your ideals, and provide samples for your consideration.

Once we have the information from the initial meeting, we go back to the lab and design a 3D model of what we see for your space. Based on your review of the model, we will tweak the design until you feel you are getting exactly what you want.

Once the design is finalized, we do as much of the actual work of production and assembly as we can off-site. This way, we spend as little time as possible in your space, cutting down on installation time and labor costs.

When the day for installation arrives, our technicians will take special care to move, cover, or otherwise protect all of your valuable items so that you can have peace of mind during the normally intrusive installation process.

If you have questions about how we go about designing, producing, and installing the components of your dream closet, our experts welcome the opportunity to explain our process in detail.

A Truly Customizable Product with Reliable, Quality Materials

My Closet Guys is a locally owned, highly competent business with over 40 years in the industry. With all of that experience, we know that clients are most satisfied with the results when they are involved in the design process.

To that end, we always show our clients the options at their disposal and let them make choices from the options. Personal connections are always important in your own home, and we want you to feel as comfortable with the end result as if you had built it yourself.

Custom Closets in Arlington For Practical or Luxury Needs

If you need a home for your shoe collection, we can install slanted shoe shelving, glass doors for a shoe case, or a luxurious storage unit above or below a bench for putting your shoes on each morning. Or if you have an extensive watch or jewelry collection, we’ve created many drawers, locked cabinets, and other ways to showcase your finer pieces. We can install closet islands, comfortable seating, and any other custom aspect to your closet.

We can also help you create an economical and practical closet space for your home. Not every closet must feel like a storage oasis – if you simply need a compact place to store your clothes or linens, please get in touch.

We help clients in Ashton Heights, Glencarlyn, Alcova Heights, Westover, and everywhere in Arlington, VA, and we would be happy to hear from you and help create the perfect closet for you.