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If you'd like to showcase or organize your wine collection, please get in touch at your earliest convenience. From full wine cellar build-outs to tasteful wine racks in your kitchen, we've done it all. We would love to set up a free design consultation, send you a 3D rendering of our proposed wine rack or cabinet design, and get started upgrading your lifestyle.

What We Do and Don't Do

We don't install wet bars, plumbing, climate control, and humidity systems. We do design, build and install wine racks, shelving, cabinets and other custom storage solutions made from real wood or high quality wood alternatives. If you are looking for a wine cellar contractor outside of our expertise, we may be able to provide a referral. Or if you are a contractor who needs a partner to refer custom wine storage solutions to, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose My Closet Guys?

Firstly, we have over four decades of experience helping customers in Northern Virginia build exceptional wine racks, shelving units, closets, garage storage, and more. We've created large walk-in experiences, capitalized on small corners,  and added intuitive vertical storage to walls.

Secondly, we are extremely friendly, responsive, and receptive to your ideas. This wine rack or cabinet system is intended to improve your quality of life, and we are committed to working with you on the design until you love it. We even send you a 3D rendering of the proposed project at no cost before we write the formal quote.

Perhaps most importantly, we always build with close attention to quality. We use premium tools to measure, cut and build your storage system, and the quality of work is always top notch because we do things ourselves - we don't outsource to other companies or resell prefabricated wine racks.

For a complimentary design consultation, please send us a note. We would love to hear from you and help showcase your wine collection.

Experience With All Home Styles in Northern Virginia

Do you have a stately colonial home in Fairfax? We can help build out a wine rack system with Shaker cabinets, crown molding, and other aesthetic-appropriate details if you would like to maintain a consistent look. Or perhaps you own a contemporary condo in Alexandria -- we can work stainless steel finishes, aluminum  hardware, and sleek lines into your wine storage design. From townhouses in Arlington to mansions in McLean, we help people with many home configurations, architectural styles and space requirements in Northern Virginia. Keep in mind that we'll send you a 3D version of the design before you sign a quote, so you will retain complete creative control if you would like.

Types of Wine Racks and Storage Systems

Transforming a Closet Into a Luxurious Wine Room

Transforming an unused closet into a luxurious wine room is a creative way to utilize space while adding value and elegance to your home. The project involves thoughtful planning, customization, and an eye for detail.

Customize your shelving to fit the closet's dimensions and maximize storage space, and opt for luxurious materials like hardwoods for a classic aesthetic, or metal for a modern vibe.  Glass doors can turn your wine room into a visually appealing display, making it a focal point in your home. A lock can be added for security, particularly for high-value collections.

And don't forget to add personal touches as your budget allows. These could include a bespoke wine tasting table, a stylish wine decanter display, or even artwork related to wine culture. This transformation can turn a simple, unused closet into a sophisticated wine haven, celebrating your passion for wine in style.

Perfecting Your Wine Cellar With Built-Ins, Cabinets, and Wine Racks

Finishing your wine cellar with custom wine racks and shelving can create a highly personalized and functional space to showcase your collection.

There are so many design options for your wine racks. Traditional wooden racks offer a warm, classic aesthetic, with materials like redwood or mahogany bringing an air of timeless elegance. For a modern twist, consider metal racks---stainless steel or wrought iron designs can lend a sleek and contemporary feel to your cellar.

Wall-mounted racks are excellent for saving space and creating a visual impact, particularly when arranged artistically. For larger collections, floor-to-ceiling racks make a striking statement and maximize storage. Modular rack systems offer the flexibility to expand as your collection grows.

For your shelving, consider integrating spaces for wine accessories, such as glasses, decanters, or even a wine tasting journal. Customization can ensure each shelf perfectly fits your bottles, whether standard size, magnums, or irregularly-shaped sparkling wine bottles.

With thoughtful design and customization, your wine cellar can become an inviting, organized space that celebrates your love for wine in style.

Contact My Closet Guys For Your Design Consultation

From custom wine racks in Tysons to wine cabinets in Annandale, we would love to help you with a spectacular custom wine rack in Northern VA. We also create custom closets in McLean, closet design in Arlington, VA, and much more.