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My Closet Guys designs, fabricates and installs custom pantry shelving, cabinets and more in Northern VA and Washington DC. From small reach-in pantries to large walk-in pantry areas, we can create a personalized, luxurious storage system for you. Please fill out our form at your earliest convenience to receive a complimentary design consultation. We'd love to hear from you.

Custom Pantry Shelving + Cabinets & Design in Northern VA and DC

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We Can Design and Install Small or Large Custom Pantry Storage Systems

Walk-In Panty Systems

Building a luxurious walk-in pantry can add a significant amount of value  and functionality to your home. We'll begin by  accurately measuring your space, then create a layout design that includes built-in shelving, cabinets, and an optional counter space. You will be able to review a full 3D version of the pantry before we start fabricating the system in our workshop.

For a luxurious touch, choose high-quality materials like hardwood for the shelves and cabinets. Select a rich stain to enhance the natural grain of the wood, adding depth and elegance. Consider installing glass-fronted cabinets for displaying fine china or attractive food packaging, and closed cabinets for less visually pleasing items. We can add adjustable shelving to accommodate items of various sizes, and ensure the shelves are sturdy to hold heavier items like large kitchen appliances or bulk foods.

We can even allocate room for counter space -- many home chefs find that adding a food prep area to their pantry is a life-changing decision.

Economical and Practical Reach-In Pantries in NOVA and DC

Building an economical reach-in pantry with built-in shelving is a practical way to enhance storage space while keeping costs and cubic square feet usage down. We'll start by measuring your available space to determine the best layout for your pantry. To maximize your space, we'll design vertically aligned shelving (adjustable if need be).

Affordable, durable materials such as melamine or laminated particle board for the shelves can be a good fit, as they are resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Metal shelving is sometimes a good idea for practical pantries as well..

Also, we will design your shelves with varying depths and heights to accommodate different item sizes. Incorporate some deeper shelves for large items like cereal boxes and smaller shelves for cans and spices.

Also, don't overlook the door. A door-mounted rack can add additional storage for smaller items and frequently used ingredients. Finally, ensure good lighting to easily identify and access items. An economical, well-planned reach-in pantry can significantly boost kitchen storage and functionality.

We can also add luxury items to your reach-in pantry, incorporate genuine wood trims and molding, and more. Give us a call if you'd like to get started!

Where Do We Install Custom Pantry Systems?

Custom Pantry Solutions in Northern Virginia

We help customers all over NOVA, and whether you have a home in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, or elsewhere in Virginia, we are happy to help. We are happy to custom fit your shelving and cabinetry in large single family homes, condos, apartments, townhomes and more. If you aren't sure if we are within your travel radius, please give us a call!

Custom Pantry Storage in Washington DC

Our expertise shines brightest in urban environments where space is at a premium. From stately townhouses on Maryland Ave to luxury condos in Georgetown, we can help you open up your kitchen area with custom pantry storage. Custom shelving, glass-fronted cabinets, soft-close pullout drawers and more are all in the mix.
Give us a call if you'd like to schedule your free design consultation. In addition to pantries, we offer custom closet design in Washington DC, custom closets in Arlington, VA, and so much more. From garage storage solutions to walk-in closets and pantries, get in touch.