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My Closet Guys can turn closets, empty walls, unused vertical space and more into the home library of your dreams. From traditional symmetrical libraries to eclectic home libraries with floating shelves, we've improved the lifestyles of many homeowners in Alexandria, McLean, DC, and the surrounding areas. We offer complimentary design consultations to prospective customers, so don't hesitate to fill out our form and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Fun, Easy, and Professional Home Library Design Process

We have 40+ years of experience building home organization systems for clients in Northern Virginia and DC, and we know how to collaborate with homeowners to make their dreams a reality. From the very first phone call to the day we install your custom library, we will work with you to accomplish your goals and match your preferred aesthetic. The design can be altered all throughout the 3D modeling process.

We also take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, and we use only the highest quality tools, materials, hardware, and work processes. Your home library system will last for a lifetime, and it will increase your home's value for decades to come.

It all starts with an exploratory phone call. We will speak with you about your goals and desired use for the library, and we'll schedule a time to visit the job site for a complimentary design consultation. After we've taken measurements and presented material samples, we will start modeling your home library in our 3D generative software. You will be able to sign off on the design and propose changes before we send you a quote.

After the quote has been accepted, we'll fabricate the library components in our workshop to perfect specifications. That allows us to install the library system in your home in a manner of hours, leaving you to enjoy reading, socializing, and building your book collections.

Economical and High-End Home Library Design in Washington DC and Northern Virginia

We work with a variety of budgets, library sizes, materials, and potential uses. Since each home library is unique, please get in touch to discuss your particular project.

Luxurious Home Library Ideas

Designing a high-end custom home library requires attention to detail, with a focus on materials, hardware, and exquisite features that create a luxurious reading environment. Here are a few thoughts about luxurious home libraries, but please keep in mind that we work with each client to fully customize their space.

In terms of shelving, hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, or oak not only offer durability but also exude opulence. Detailed carvings and moldings, especially around the edges and the top, can add an architectural appeal and elevate the room's sophistication.

Incorporate glass casing for rare or valuable books to protect them from dust and handling while still showcasing their beauty. UV-protective glass doors could also be an option if sunlight exposure is a concern.

Hardware is another element where quality matters. Brass or bronze handles, knobs, or ladder hooks add a refined touch and a pleasing contrast to the wood.

Installing decorative trims and crown molding at the junction of walls and ceiling adds an air of grandeur. Also, consider wood paneling or textured wallpaper for the remaining walls, complementing the tones of your bookshelves.

Built-in under-shelf lighting or vintage library lamps can illuminate books while also creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Chandeliers or pendant lights can add a statement, drawing attention to the high ceilings and making the room feel even more spacious.

Flooring can also lend a high-end touch. Think about hardwood flooring with plush area rugs for warmth and sound absorption.

Lastly, a custom-made rolling ladder not only provides access to high shelves but also gives the space an old-world charm, reminiscent of grand historical libraries.

Remember, a high-end library should marry functionality with design, creating a space that feels both opulent and inviting, a personal sanctuary for the devoted reader.

Take Advantage of The Space in Your Home

Taking advantage of unused spaces in the home can transform them into captivating and functional home libraries. Every home has potential pockets of space that can be converted into a cozy reading haven.

Hallways, often overlooked, can be creatively utilized by installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on one or both sides, effectively creating a library corridor. This instantly adds character to an otherwise bland space and ensures your favorite books are always within reach.

Walk-in closets can be repurposed into private, secluded libraries. Remove clothing rods, and replace them with shelves. A small bench or a comfortable chair can turn this into a quiet reading retreat. Add a soft rug and a reading lamp to complete the transformation.

Homes with high or vaulted ceilings have the added advantage of vertical space. Construct towering bookcases to showcase your book collection - and don't forget the sliding ladder.

Unused corners in any room can become charming reading nooks. Built-in corner bookshelves are space-efficient and can hold a surprising number of books. Pair this with a cozy armchair and a floor lamp, and you have a perfect spot for immersing yourself in a good book.

Finally, under-stairs spaces, often neglected, can become fantastic mini-libraries. Custom shelves can be designed to fit the unique shape of the area, making it an eye-catching feature.

Incorporating a home library doesn't necessarily require a dedicated room. With a bit of creativity and strategic design, even the smallest and most overlooked spaces can become delightful reservoirs of knowledge and relaxation.

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