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Custom Home Offices + Built In Cabinetry in Maryland

Free Design & Quote

Contact My Closet Guys, the leading contractor for custom storage and organization systems in Maryland, to build an amazing custom home office for you. We can fabricate compact corner offices, build out a system for a full room, or custom-create another solution for you. Whether you're located in Anne Arundel County or St. Mary's County, please fill out our form to receive a free design consultation.

The Custom Home Office Process

Consultation, Design and Fabrication

After receiving your form submission or phone call and briefly chatting, we would like to schedule a time to visit your home for a complimentary design consultation. We'll discuss materials, present samples, measure the space (vertical and floor space), and make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. We will then take the concept back to our studio.

There we will mock up a 3D version of your home office space. We will send it to you for review, and we welcome any feedback you may have. We can edit the 3D model until you love what you see.

After that, we'll start cutting, fabricating, and building the office system in our workshop in Waldorf, MD. We use high-end tools and pay extreme attention to detail, so we know everything will fit perfectly in your home. We will then schedule an installation visit, and we are usually in and out of our clients' homes in just a few hours.

We Provide Experience and a Free Warranty

We've been building custom office spaces and more for over 40 years. Large offices, small studies, libraries, custom closets in Maryland - we've done it all. We are happy to provide ideas and custom solutions, and we also love to use your vision and ideas. We've worked with hundreds of clients, and we know how to get quality work done.

We also work with integrity and expert craftsmanship. For that reason, we offer a free warranty on our custom home office spaces. If you notice drawers that don't slide smoothly, cabinet door hinges that are broken, cracked boards, or anything else, please call us immediately.

Let Us Build Your Dream Home Office in Maryland

In the era of remote work, an uplifting, beautiful, and organized home office has never been more important. We would love to level-up your work life and help you move tasks from your kitchen table or bedroom into a designated custom home office space. We can create a custom space for a desktop computer with a harddrive, shelving for books and volumes, designated writing space, custom office cabinetry, and even install a wet bar to complete a sophisticated home office setup.

As a custom home office designer and installer, we will create a system that is unique to your needs. You'll have final say on every detail, and we will work hard to build an office solution that you love.

Custom Home Office Built-In Cabinetry in Maryland

Our custom home office cabinets can range from space-saving wall-mounted shelves for small offices to intricate designs for larger spaces, including desks with built-in filing systems, closed cabinetry for equipment storage, and open shelving for displaying books or decorations.

A wide range of materials can be utilized, from sturdy hardwoods like oak or walnut for a classic look, to sleek laminates for a more modern vibe. Luxury options could include exotic woods, high-end metals, or glass-fronted cabinets. Soft-close drawers, touch-to-open mechanisms, built-in lighting, and integrated charging stations can add a touch of elegance and functionality.

Popular cabinet designs and layouts have evolved to accommodate the changing nature of work. A popular layout includes a central workspace flanked by cabinets, providing easy access to files and supplies. For those with ample room, a U-shaped layout provides maximum storage and surface area.

Regardless of the design, the goal of custom home office cabinetry remains the same - to create an organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspace that enhances productivity and comfort. Let us know if you have any particular requests, work needs, and more -- we'll customize every detail for you.

Custom Shelving in Your Home Office

Custom shelving offers an elegant and practical solution to organize your home office setup. Floating shelves, a popular choice, deliver a sleek, minimalist aesthetic while freeing up floor space. They can be installed at various heights to accommodate different items, from books to decor, or even a mini indoor garden for a touch of nature.

Utilizing vertical space is critical in smaller offices. Floor-to-ceiling shelving creates a library-like atmosphere and makes excellent use of otherwise wasted space. Corner shelves, too, are a clever solution for utilizing tricky spots while adding visual interest.

Floor-based shelving systems, often modular, are versatile and robust, with the ability to hold heavier items. Adjustable shelves can adapt to evolving needs, whether it's storing large reference books or small office supplies.

Custom shelving can also integrate with cabinetry or desks for a unified look. Using a blend of these options, homeowners can create a workspace that suits their needs perfectly, maximizing efficiency and creating a visually pleasing environment. From custom closets in Silver Spring to custom bars and libraries, give us a call at your earliest convenience.

Transform Unused Space Into a Productive Custom Home Office

Transform Extra Closet Space

While we are the leading custom closet designers in Annapolis, we can also use closet space to build out a custom home office for you. We will tactfully build around outlets and your desired lighting fixtures, and we can efficiently use the space both vertically and horizontally. Whether you have room for an executive standalone desk, prefer an efficient built-in desk surrounded by custom cabinetry, or want a minimalistic and creative workspace flanked by floating shelves, let us know.

Large Open Corner Spaces

Some homes have large connecting hallways with sizable open corners. These often feature large picture windows, and whether natural light is available or not, they can serve as fantastic areas for home offices, book nooks, libraries, or other uses. In these spaces, we will often include a vertical shelving system (or cabinets) to preserve floorspace, and we may recommend building your desk into the corner. Of course, every detail is fully customizable!

Spare Bedrooms Can Become a Custom Home Office

Extra bedrooms are also an excellent place for your home office, and whether you have 200 square feet to work with or 600 square feet, we will beautifully organize the room into an attractive home office. When space allows, we can allot space for a meeting or seating area, custom research corner, webinar presentation backdrop, and much more.

We are happy to work with woods, trims, and finishes you have in mind: oak, pine, cedar, crown molding, Shaker cabinets, and more. You will be able to review each design consideration before we start building.

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We build custom home offices in Annapolis, Waldorf, St. Mary's County, Pasadena, Prince George's County, Bowie, and elsewhere in Maryland. We often work in the middle to southern part of the state, but we are happy to expand our travel radius depending on the scope of the project.