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Custom Wine Racks, Cabinets, and Other Wine Storage Systems in Maryland

Do you have an extensive wine collection that you'd like to organize, or do you have a need for a custom wine storage system in your kitchen, dining room, or elsewhere? My Closet Guys has been building custom wine cabinet systems for clients in Maryland for over 40 years, and we would love to help you. Send us a note to receive a complimentary design consultation -- we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Capabilities

We design, build and install storage solutions out of real wood or modern, high quality alternatives. We do not install plumbing, wet bars, refrigeration, humidity control systems for cellars, or other features not related to the specific organization mechanism. We are always building our referral network, so whether you are a contractor offering those services, or you want a referral to someone who can implement those features, feel free to get in touch.

Solutions For Every Need and Lifestyle

Converting a Closet Into a Wine Cellar

Do you have a spare closet at home? While we are the leading custom closet builders in Maryland, we also love converting closets (both large and small) into the wine room of your dreams. We can add wood paneling or other detailing, create a built-in shelving system, and add rustic, traditional or contemporary wine racks. These can be anchored to the floor or the wall, and we can do anything from full-wall storage systems to minimalistic vertical storage. 

Built-In Wine Racks in Your Kitchen or Dining Room

Add a charming wine rack or storage system to your kitchen or dining area to elevate your lifestyle, create an uplifting dining environment for your guests, and enjoy easy access to your merlots, malbecs, and cabernets. We can include built-in showcase shelves for rare bottles, and we are happy to build columns, ledges, wine islands, and more.

Many homeowners know they want wine racks in their kitchen, but don't know where to start. Simply get in touch, and we are happy to offer ideas and samples in a free design consultation.

Creating Custom Wine Racks and Cabinets For a Large Cellar or Wine Room

If you already have a designated space or cellar for your wine, we would love to transform it into a wine enthusiast's oasis for you. We can include built-ins around your refrigerated wine section, scalloped shelving, floating shelves for that 1945 Chateau Margaux, racks for your glassware, and much, much more.

We are also happy to use luxurious mahogany, luxurious hardwoods, or contemporary materials to create the mood you are looking for. We can also include room for seating tastings, build a custom lockable cabinet, and more.

Under Staircase Wine Racks in Maryland

The under-staircase space is often overlooked but can be cleverly utilized by installing a custom wine rack. This design is a space-efficient solution, turning a typically unused area into functional storage.

The unique shape of this space necessitates a custom design to ensure optimal use. A tiered or curved rack that follows the staircase's slope can add visual interest while keeping your wine bottles horizontal, essential for cork moisture retention.

Wood, with its traditional warmth, or metal, offering a sleek modern look, are excellent material choices. Whichever material you select, it should harmonize with the existing décor for a seamless aesthetic.

An under-staircase wine rack can conveniently store your everyday wines within reach, adding a stylish element to your home while maximizing space utilization---a testament to smart and innovative home design.

Custom Wine Storage Systems in Maryland

Custom Wine Racks

Our custom wine racks in Maryland cater to different tastes and needs. From compact, wall-mounted metal racks for modern spaces, to freestanding, wooden wine cabinets for traditional decor, choices abound. Consider innovative designs like geometric honeycomb racks for a contemporary touch, or rustic barrel-shaped racks for a vintage vibe. Customization allows for a perfect fit within your space and décor, whether that's under a staircase, incorporated into kitchen shelving, or as a statement piece in the dining area.

Custom Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinet styles can greatly influence the overall aesthetic of a room. Traditional styles include Shaker, with its simple, clean lines and recessed panel doors, and Raised Panel, which features elaborate detailing and moldings. Contemporary styles often feature flat-panel or slab doors, offering a sleek and minimalistic look, often in glossy or matte finishes. Rustic cabinets might feature distressed wood finishes and rugged hardware for a warm, homey vibe. Glass-front cabinets, regardless of style, provide a means to display contents, adding a sense of depth to the space. Ultimately, the cabinet style should harmonize with the overall decor and reflect personal aesthetic preferences.

Areas We Serve

Most commonly, we help clients in Southern Maryland and up to Anne Arundel County. We make exceptions quite often depending on the scope of the project. Specifically, you'll see us in Waldorf (where our workshop is located), Silver Spring, Prince George's County, St. Mary's County, Annapolis, Bowie, Upper Marlboro, and every once in a while as far north as Pasadena. If you have any questions about our travel radius, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

In addition to our wine racks and cellar build-outs, we create custom closet systems in Annapolis and all throughout Maryland. Please get in touch for details.