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Custom Closets McLean, VA | Expert Design + Installation

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My Closet Guys, the leading closet designers in McLean, VA, can build amazing walk-in closets, practical linen closets, luxurious pantries, home office setups, and so much more. We offer each potential client a free consultation, and our closets always come with a lifetime warranty. For the finest design, craftsmanship, and quality in Northern VA, give us a call. We have 40 years of experience, and we would love to put that experience to work for you.

Our Custom Closet Process

Collaborative and Creative Closet Design

We want to uncover as much as possible about your preferred design style, whether it be modern, traditional, transitional, or something else entirely. We'll inquire about your favorite colors, materials, and finishes, such as wood species, paint or stain options, and hardware finishes like brass, chrome, or matte black.

Side Note: We always present material samples when we visit the job site to take measurements and consult with the homeowner.

Feel free to provide any inspiration photos or mood boards that showcase the desired look and feel for your custom closet. We will explore your preferences for any specific design elements, such as crown molding, wainscoting, or decorative accents. We can also discuss the type of lighting you envision, such as ambient, task, or accent lighting, and the desired fixtures, like recessed, pendant, or wall-mounted options.

Overall, consider the overall flow and harmony of your home's existing design, as this can help create a cohesive look throughout the space. 

A Perfect Closet Starts With Perfect Measurements

First, we measure the height, width, and depth of the closet area, taking note of any sloping ceilings, irregular angles, or architectural features that may impact the design. We also check for any obstructions, such as vents, electrical outlets, switches, or plumbing, that might need to be accommodated or relocated.

We assess the walls to determine if they are suitable for mounting closet components or if additional support, like reinforcement or blocking, is necessary. Additionally, we evaluate the floor and ceiling conditions to ensure they can bear the weight of the closet system and its contents. We also consider the door placement and type, whether it's a sliding, hinged, or folding door, to guarantee that the closet design allows for smooth operation and accessibility.

We want to maximize every square inch of the space we are given, and that starts with the pre-fabrication part of the project.

We Reveal the Finished 3D Rendering

The first big milestone is the completed design of your new custom closet. You'll receive a 3D interactive design of the closet that you can critique, approve, or provide feedback on. We are always happy to make adjustments.

Back to the Shop: We Create Your Closet

Back in our workshop, we cut the boards and shelves to perfection with our high end tools. We also pre-build modules for easy transportation and installation, and we make sure everything fits perfectly together before we arrive at your home.

The Installation: Quick, Non-Invasive, and Exciting

The best part is seeing the closet come together in your home. Our installations usually take a single day or less, and because of the precision of our measurements and workmanship, we are confident that it will fit in your home perfectly and function exactly as intended.

Experience With a Variety of Closets and Styles in McLean

McLean is home to a rich variety of architectural styles, interior layouts, and more. You have stately Tudor mansions along Holly Leaf Dr., family-oriented Arts & Crafts homes with front porches along Woodley Rd, stunning Dutch Colonials with wood shake roofs along Crossover Dr., and so much more.

But whether you live in the idyllic neighborhood of Chesterbrook, a River Oaks home overlooking the Potomac, or a house near Tysons Corner in Rosemont, we can create a fitting custom closet for your needs. We will create a closet that upholds your home's character, improves your resale value, and improves your quality of life.

Closet Systems For Every Need and Preference

Wardrobe Considerations

All you have to do is tell us about your wardrobe (and how often you access certain pieces), and we'll create a closet that functions perfectly for you. If you need easy access to suits, while protecting them from moths and dust, we can design a cedar built-in that you will love. Or perhaps you need drawers for folded loungewear, or you would like to safely store formal gowns without wrinkling them. From custom shoe displays to watch collections, we've handled it all.

Dressing Considerations

Luxurious benches or ottomans, closet islands and full length mirrors are all on the table. If you want a peaceful and luxurious space to prepare for each day, we can craft more than a closet for you -- we create an amazing experience with which you can start each day.

Luxury Finishes

Do you want a refined and elegant experience complete with dark stained wood, custom trim, and crown molding? Or perhaps a contemporary look, with glass displays and doors that show your shoes or jewelry without letting in dust and humidity? We can also use soft-closing drawers, rotating shoe racks, opulent built-in seating with upholstery, and any other detail in your imagination.

Call For Your Free Consultation Today

All you have to do is call or email us to schedule your free appointment. We look forward to hearing from you, and we would be privileged to improve your quality of life with a perfect customized closet in McLean, VA.