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My Closet Guys is the foremost closet designer and installer in the Rockville, MD area, and we would love to help you create your dream storage space. We work with our clients to visualize and build reach-in closets, walk-in closets, and even custom offices and garage storage units, and whether you want a spacious 400 sq. ft. master bedroom closet or a tidy linen closet for your bathroom, we are happy to help. Get in touch for your free design consultation - we'd love to hear from you.

Benefits of Working With My Closet Guys

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty On Our Closets

Our custom closets are built to perfection, and we guarantee our craftsmanship by offering a lifetime warranty. If you start to see cracks, warps, or if your doors and drawers stop functioning smoothly, all you have to do is give us a call. That said, we never expect such issues with our closets.

Our Pricing is Reasonable and Hard to Beat

How is My Closet Guys able to produce world-class custom closets at such a competitive price? It's because we are owned and operated by a small team of industry veterans. We have 40+ years of experience, and we handle all of the work in-house. We don't offload design, sales, fabrication, or installation, so we are able to pass this low overhead on to you. We certainly don't save on materials or tools -- everything we work with is high quality.

Consultations and Closet Modeling Are Free

We'll discuss your goals on the phone, measure the closet space in your home, present material examples and design ideas in person, and mock up an interactive 3D model for your review all free of charge. Only after you have approved the 3D model (and we can always make revisions during this phase), will we send you a quote for review.

All Closet Styles and Use Cases

Whether you live on a bucolic ranch home property in the Manor Country Club Community, a bungalow in Olney, or a stately tudor home on Sycamore Grove Ct., we can design the perfect storage solution for you.

We do receive many requests for walk-in closets. These range from large closet rooms with 12 ft. ceilings, a sitting area for dressing and a closet island, to compact walk-in closets built into the corner of a bedroom. We can design elegant closets with Georgian-inspired crown molding, Scandinavian-inspired minimalist, and arts-and-crafts inspired spaces, but we can also keep costs low and the process fast with a clean, simple and practical walk-in closet.

We also enjoy creating reach-in storage spaces for our clients. Hallway closets and bathroom linen closets are always a practical addition for homeowners. Whether the closet is 14 inches deep or 24 inches, we'll maximize every square inch of the closet with a thoughtful and practical storage unit.

We Can Work With Many High End Finishes

Perhaps you are looking for a dark wood-grained composite material, or maybe you would like glass door casing and brass knobs on the drawers. We'll work with you to customize every detail of your closet. From aluminum panels to create a modern contemporary feel, to custom woodworking in the Classical Revival vein, we can make it happen.

Some luxury options that homeowners sometimes like to explore:

  • A leather-upholstered bench for putting on shoes
  • Glass-cased pull out drawers for watches and jewelry
  • A closet island with built-in storage
  • Slanted and lighted shoe racks
  • Floating shelves for hats and/or shoes
  • And so much more

We Listen To Your Preferences and Goals

We are not a big box store, and we do not have a pre-set inventory of modular closets waiting for you to order online. Our experience is much more custom.

We want to know about your design preferences, favorite colors, favorite textures, desired use for the closet, and so much more. We can even plan for the future growth of your family by adding gender-neutral closets to spare bedrooms in your house. Once we know what you are looking for, we'll design the closet specifically for you.

No Dead Space In Your Closet

We have far too much experience to leave dead, cramped, unusable corners in your closet (a common issue). We also avoid wasted space above the top shelf, awkwardly short hanging areas (where you can only hang one type of clothing), and other closet design faux pas. We will create a beautiful, practical space that will work for you, even as your needs and wardrobe change. We can also use adjustable shelving and other helpful accessories in your custom closet in Rockville, MD.

Call My Closet Guys For Your Free Consultation

We are looking forward to hearing from you and installing your dream closet, garage storage unit, custom office, or other space. In addition to Rockville, we are the go-to closet designers in Northern VA, and we provide custom closets in Alexandria and all of Maryland. Please fill out a form and we'll be in touch quickly.