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My Closet Guys has been the leader in the custom closet business for over 40 years. Working closely with homeowners in all over Maryland, Northern Virginia, and even DC, we deliver only the best, highest quality custom design closets.
We don't only design and install custom closets, though. My Closet Guys also specializes in superbly designed custom cabinets as well. Our custom cabinets are made from the finest material, and they are designed by the finest contractors in the business. By working closely with every customer, we get to know you and your interests in cabinets. Our consultation and pricing process is clear, transparent, and completely free so you know you can trust our services.

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Our Custom Cabinets

Our cabinets, styles, and materials are completely customizable to fit your exact preferences. Prefab cabinets just don't offer the same quality that our custom cabinets do. Custom cabinets offer a sense of assurance: assurance that they work and will last. 

Materials Used For Our Custom Cabinets

Maple is a common wood used for cabinets. Maple is common because it is so strong and yields a fine, attractive texture. The grain of the wood is a uniform pattern that can be stained to multiple shades. On the opposite end of things, pine wood is a softwood. While not as durable as maple, pine is sought after for its prominent grain and affordability.

A rich and reddish-brown color, cherry wood boasts a unique feature where the wood darkens slightly as it ages, giving it a rich and respectable flavor. Cherry wood is desirable for its smooth grain and texture.

Oak wood is known for its durability and its prominent grain patterns. It can come in either red oak, oak with a reddish tint, or white oak, oak with a more subdued look and feel to it. Conversely, walnut is valued for its deep, rich color and attractive grain patterns. Though walnut is softer than other wood finishes, it is still a common choice for cabinets.

Looking for luxury? Mahogany wood is a deep reddish-brown wood exotic hardwood that is perfect for elevating your kitchen, great room, bathroom, or master bedroom. Hickory wood boasts a distinctive grain that is characterized by its rustic appeal. Hickory is typically used in country style homes. 

Our Professional Installation Process

Installing the cabinets is a meticulous and thoughtful process. We measure each spot carefully, and we make sure that each measurement is exactly what you want. Next, the existing cabinets are removed, and any necessary modifications to each space to ensure that the cabinets will fit properly. Then, the new cabinets are assembled and installed, and we take care to align them correctly and secure them firmly in place. Trim work, such as crown molding and toe kicks, is added for a polished finish. Finally, doors, drawers, and hardware are installed, and the cabinets are inspected for any adjustments needed to achieve flawless functionality and aesthetics.

We can take care of all the furnishings to top off the project as well. From pull out drawers, to news light fixtures, we customize your new look from start to finish. 

Styles We Can Work With

Here at My Closet Guys, we are accustomed to working with a wide variety of housing styles. Traditional, art deco, and contemporary design styles, to name a few, are housing styles that benefit from custom cabinets in their own way. 

Traditional Style

Traditional style houses have a classic timelessness to them. Cabinets with ornate trim or raised door panels add a sense of elevation. Rich woods like cherry or mahogany, finished with stains to enhance their natural beauty, evoke a sense of warmth and elegance.

Art Deco

For art deco design style houses, cabinets featuring sleek lines, geometric shapes, and luxurious materials like mirrored or lacquered finishes are ideal. High-gloss surfaces in bold colors or metallic accents add drama and sophistication to the space.

Contemporary Style

In contemporary design style houses, minimalist cabinets with clean lines and smooth surfaces create a sleek and uncluttered look. Materials such as stainless steel, glass, or high-quality laminates in neutral tones enhance the modern aesthetic while offering functionality and simplicity.

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