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From Salisbury or Fruitland and Delmar to Pittsville, we build incredible custom closets in Wicomico County, MD. We'll take your design preferences and specific storage needs into the equation, and you will love how a bespoke storage installation can transform your lifestyle. Please get in touch for your free consultation - we'd love to hear from you.

What Makes My Closet Guys Unique?

Lifetime Warranty On Our Closets

At My Closet Guys, we pride ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. We don't expect our shelving to spit, floating shelves to fall, or hanging units to break, and if you experience any issues, we would be happy to address it right away. Our quality materials and 40+ years of experience in the custom closet business have proven valuable time and time again.

Competitive Pricing

By cutting out middle-men, we are able to offer better rates than our competitors. We handle design, fabrication, build-outs, and installations in-house, so we have less overhead than big-box stores or corporate modular closet installers. From your initial call to installment day, you'll work directly with us -- and that allows us to keep pricing affordable.

The Consultation and Design is Complimentary

Our closet design pros will visit your home, take measurements, and consult with you on the design of your closet for free. After that, we take our notes and materials back to the studio, where we create a 3D model of your soon-to-be closet. You will even have the opportunity to send us feedback and make design requests at this point -- it's not until after you've approved the model that we'll send you a formal quote.

Practical and Luxurious Closets in Wicomico County

Ideas For a Luxurious Walk-In Closet

A high-end walk-in closet offers extensive design possibilities to reflect your style while maintaining functionality. In terms of layout, options range from open shelving systems and hanging sections to specialized areas for accessories. Luxury features might include a closet island with built-in storage or a plush, upholstered bench.

In terms of finishes, there is an abundance of exquisite options. One might opt for rich hardwood cabinetry for a timeless, classic aesthetic. Alternatively, lacquered finishes in bright or neutral shades can add a contemporary feel. Metal accents, such as brass or chrome, can provide a polished look to handles and rods, while glass-fronted cabinets can showcase your prized possessions. Lighting plays a crucial role in a high-end walk-in closet; consider installing under-shelf lighting or dramatic chandeliers. The integration of mirrors can give the closet a spacious feel, while custom wallpaper or textured wall coverings can provide a final touch of sophistication.

Walk-In Closets Can Be Economical as Well

Creating a budget-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing walk-in closet requires smart design choices and resourcefulness. Start by maximizing the space using a mix of hanging rods, open shelving, and drawers. A double-hang strategy can double your hanging space for shirts, blouses, and pants. Employ the vertical space with high shelves for less frequently used items.

Consider affordable but good-quality laminate or melamine for your shelving and cabinetry; these materials offer durability and come in a range of colors and patterns to suit your taste. Use simple, clean lines for a contemporary feel that transcends trends.

Lighting is key. A budget option could be battery-operated LED lights fixed under shelves for a high-end look. For a touch of elegance, add a decorative mirror; it expands the perceived space and enhances natural light.

For personalized organization, use affordable accessories like baskets and dividers. This way, a budget-friendly walk-in closet can still be stylish, efficient, and catered to your specific needs.

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We'd love to help you create an amazing storage solution in your home. We offer creative closet design in MD, and we're also known for our custom closets in Washington DC as well. From Silver Spring custom closets to garage storage in Waldorf, we declutter homes and improve lifestyles throughout MD and Northern VA.