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Guide To Open Shelving Concepts For Custom Closets

house My Closet Guys Mar 20, 2024

Closets with open shelving concepts provide excellent accessibility, visibility, and they can look stunning. Traditional closets aren’t for everyone, with their hanging rods, closed storage compartments and drawers, and clunkiness. If you want a light and airy closet space that you can adorn with your favorite shoes, accessories, clothes, and even plants and framed pictures, consider an open shelving concept.

This blog will discuss open shelving concepts, and how they might work for you. If you have any questions about custom closets in Washington DC, or if we can help you with custom wine racks, cabinets, or a different storage solution in the Maryland and NOVA area, please get in touch for a free design and 3D rendering.

What are the Benefits of an Open Shelving Concept in Your Closet?

Open Shelves Are Simple and Functional

Forget rifling through drawers and sifting through racks of clothes – everything is there for you to see when you have an open shelving concept. Furthermore, this layout will require you to be more disciplined with cleanliness, organization, and the pieces you keep on hand. This type of system is great for folks who prefer to have a smaller collection of very high quality clothing items, rather than dozens and dozens of pieces folded in drawers.

Open Closets Can Be Extremely Beautiful

Open shelves can make a closet space feel larger and more inviting. They allow for natural light to flow freely, and you can use some of the open shelving for flowers, succulents, pictures, or other artwork. From a design perspective, open shelving offers the flexibility to showcase your personal style. Whether it’s displaying an impressive shoe collection, your favorite handbags, or beautifully folded stacks of clothing, open shelves can be arranged to highlight what matters most to you, turning your closet into a personalized showcase.

Open shelving concept for custom closet

Think of art galleries and your favorite clothing boutiques. They all have open shelving (obviously), so that customers can see different items easily. These environments are intended to be inviting and uplifting. You can create the same atmosphere in your closet.

They Work For Most Clothing and Shoe Collections

Your personal wardrobe and lifestyle should influence your custom closet design. For those with a vast collection of shoes or bags, open shelves offer the perfect solution to display your items in a way that's not only stylish but practical. Adjustable shelving can accommodate various sizes and shapes, ensuring that everything from tall boots to clutches has its place. For clothing, open shelving can be ideal for items that don't require hanging, such as sweaters and jeans, allowing for easy access and an orderly presentation.

How To Design Your Open Shelving Custom Closet

Materials such as polished wood, sleek metal, or contemporary glass can add a dramatic design element to your open concept closet, and elements like integrated lighting can highlight your displayed items. The ambience is totally up to you! Additionally, combining open shelving with a few closed compartments or drawers can offer the best of both worlds, providing hidden storage for less presentable items while keeping your most cherished belongings on display.

One of the most exciting aspects of open shelving is the opportunity for customization. Shelving units can be designed to fit any space, regardless of size or shape, making them suitable for both sprawling walk-in closets and more compact storage areas.

Open closet concepts

Open Shelving Concepts May Not Be For Everyone

However, it's worth noting that open shelving may not be for everyone. It requires a level of upkeep to maintain a clutter-free and visually appealing display. For those who prefer a more low-maintenance approach or have items they’d rather keep out of sight, incorporating a mix of open and closed storage solutions might be the ideal strategy.

If you would like information about designing and installing a custom closet system in Alexandria or elsewhere in the greater DC area, please get in touch! We would love to speak with you and present a free 3D design. Your custom closet can revolutionize your lifestyle, and we would love to help.