How much do custom closets cost?

How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?

house John Katz Nov 23, 2023

How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

We spend our days designing, building and installing custom closets in Maryland and the DC area, so we naturally get asked about costs fairly frequently. This blog is a compilation of our thoughts and experience in the industry, and we hope you find it helpful. Please keep in mind that every project has unique requirements, and we do offer free designs and quotes to interested customers.

How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

A custom reach-in (or linen) closet can cost as little as $700, while a custom walk-in closet can start around $1,000. If those numbers seem low to you, that’s because this price point reflects a “base model” closet, so to speak. Here’s some more detail about both kinds of closet.

Cost of a Custom Reach-In, or Linen, Closet

A basic reach-in closet with white melamine shelving would be roughly $700. If you would like drawers in your closet, you may need to budget up to $1,800. As far as materials are concerned, using color or textured melamine may double the price of your closet – this is simply because the material costs more. Features like glass, molding, shaker drawers and such do not often apply to reach-in closets, but they would add to the cost as well.

Cost of a Custom Walk-In Closet

The $1,000 starting point would be for a small, basic closet design and build with white melamine material, no drawers or extra doors, glass, or other accouterments. Textured melamine (some of which can mimic the look of genuine wood) or colors would raise the baseline price to $2,000.

Now we can discuss the fun additions some homeowners would like to include. A large walk-in closet with a significant set of drawers might start around $6,000, while the addition of doors with glass, sliding features, and more can add an additional several thousand dollars. Crown or base molding, a wonderful addition to a master bedroom walk-in closet, can push your costs as high as $25K if the closet is large enough. Other features might include slanted shelves for shoes, cabinetry in a closet island, raised panels and more.

Note: It is much cheaper to include sliding pull-out shelves than it is to add drawers. But we are happy to chat with you about either option.

How Much Do Built-In Closets or Wall Storage Units Cost?

If we only need to build a couple of sections, and if the depth of the wall unit is reasonable, we might be able to make a spectacular wall storage unit for you starting at $3,500. That said, we’ve undertaken projects as costly as $20,000 when the wall coverage was significant, drawers and glass were involved, and other features came into play. As always, classic white melamine is the most affordable option.

Is a Custom Closet Worth More Than a Prefabricated System?

Yes, a custom closet is worth it. When we build custom closets in Washington DC, we measure each inch of the project space, take those dimensions back to our shop, mock up a 3D rendering for you, and set about custom cutting each board. We build sections in our shop, and install it at your home in no time at all. We can fit a closet or storage unit into any space for you, and even if you want something like a 50” drawer, we can do it!

How Much Does a Custom Home Bar Cost?

Similarly to closets, custom home bars can cost as little as $2K and range up to $15K+. Here are a few factors:

  • Colored or textured melamine raises the cost
  • Adding doors, glass, drawers, pull-outs and more add to the cost
  • Base or crown molding adds to the cost
  • The countertop: quartz, marble, laminate, epoxy and so forth are all priced according to square footage
  • Do you need a custom wine rack as part of the bar, or perhaps wine glass holding mechanisms?

Custom Pantry Systems Cost About the Same

While you will probably want pull-out shelving for easy access to cans and spices, the price of a custom pantry system will likely cost the same as a small reach-in or walk-in closet. They can sometimes be cheaper, since they are purely utilitarian and don’t need molding, glass, or other fixtures.

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