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Custom Cabinet Maker in Fort Washington, MD

Whether you are planning a renovation, or you are just trying to reconfigure a stagnant style, My Closet Guys is here for you. We provide the best personalized care for your property, and we work closely with homeowners to make sure the final product is perfect for everyone.

My Closet Guys is also a leader in custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are a great way to top off any home renovation project. By adding a personal touch in the way you furnish your house, you make each space truly your own. We are here to help provide the very best custom appliances for your home. Call today for a free consultation.

We Are Local

My Closet Guys is local! We have been proudly serving the great region of Fort Washington, MD for over forty years. Located right by the Potomac River, we stand almost directly across from Mount Vernon and just south of Alexandria.

Our contractors are personable and ready to help in whatever way they can. Our process of working is entirely dependent on you: our valued client. We tailor our work to your exact specifications, and we work closely with you throughout the whole quoting process so that you know exactly what you are billed for. When working with My Closet Guys, you know exactly what you are getting: quality, top of the market custom work every time. 

We Provide Cabinets and Furnishings For Every Space


Installing cabinets in the bathroom can increase the aesthetic of the space, and it will maximize your usable square footage. Customized vanities can be tailored to fit the available space, perfectly maximizing storage while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic. Extra-deep drawers for towels or built-in organizers for toiletries are great options for maximizing space in the restroom. Additionally, custom cabinets allow for the integration of luxurious materials and finishes. We recommend using a moisture-resistant wood with a bold finish to  elevate the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Installing custom cabinets ensures a tailored solution that enhances both the functionality and style of the bathroom space, and working with our contractors is the most sure way of getting the most out of your bathroom. 


Installing custom cabinets in bedrooms transforms the space by optimizing organization and aesthetics. Tailored to fit the room's dimensions precisely, these cabinets offer lots of storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories, and they minimize clutter for maximum usable space. Customized features such as adjustable shelves, built-in drawers, and specialized compartments cater to individual storage needs. Moreover, custom cabinets can seamlessly integrate with the bedroom's design theme, enhancing its overall visual appeal. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, custom cabinets in bedrooms combine functionality with style. Our contractors take your vision and  help create a personalized and organized sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Mudrooms and More

Installing custom cabinets in mudrooms, utility rooms, and office rooms optimizes organization. In mudrooms, custom cabinets offer storage for outdoor gear, shoes, and accessories, keeping the space tidy and clutter-free. Utility rooms benefit from custom cabinets for storing cleaning supplies, tools, and laundry essentials, streamlining household tasks. We understand that decluttering can greatly improve your efficiency in your work, and we install great cabinets to help you stay organized as you work, study, or plan in your home office. Tailored to fit the specific needs of each room, our custom cabinets enhance functionality while seamlessly integrating with the overall design aesthetic. We work hard to create the right cabinets for your home. 

Other Services We Provide

From custom closets in Maryland to trim, from custom pantry in Alexandria, MDdesigns to garage storage in Maryland, we have been on top of the industry for over forty years. Our services include:

  • Custom closets

  • Custom bars

  • Custom storage areas

  • Custom pantries

  • Custom laundry room cabinets

  • Custom home libraries 

  • Custom wine racks 

  • Custom home office storage

  • Custom mudroom cabinets

And the list goes on. We offer the best custom cabinets, closets, pantries, accessories, you name it. Our contractors do it. 

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My Closet Guys looks forward to working with you and making your custom project a reality. Call today for your free consultation or fill out the form online. We look forward to hearing from you!