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Custom Pantry Shelving + Cabinets & Design in Alexandria, VA

Whether you have a small galley kitchen, an expansive country chef's kitchen, or an industrial loft style culinary space, call our custom pantry shelving contractors in Alexandria for the perfect storage solution for your home. We've been creating custom pantry spaces, mudrooms, closets, home offices, garage storage systems and more for 40 years, and we offer highly competitive rates despite the quality and custom nature of our work.

For a free consultation and 3D rendering of the project, please fill out our form or give us a call. We'd be happy to hear from you and create an amazing pantry for you.

Walk-In and Reach-In Custom Pantry Systems

Compact Reach-In Pantry Design

Our custom-made reach-in pantry systems are tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your available area. We maximize storage with floor-to-ceiling shelving, adjustable racks, and pull-out baskets, making sure that every inch is utilized. We can also include features  like vertical dividers for baking sheets, lazy susans for easy access to spices, and clear bins for grouping small items to keep your pantry contents visible and reachable. As far as design options are concerned, we can range from minimalist with clean lines and neutral colors to match your kitchen's aesthetic, to bold with contrasting colors or unique hardware that adds a pop of personality. This system is customized to you, so whether you're storing bulk groceries, small appliances, or an extensive collection of cookware, a custom reach-in pantry system can be designed to meet your specific organizational needs and style preferences.

Large Walk-In Pantry Systems in Alexandria

Enjoy features like deep shelving, custom cabinetry, and dedicated zones for different food categories in a spectacular walk-in pantry. We can even include countertop spaces for appliance storage and usage, pull-out drawers for easy access to back stock items, and specialized storage solutions like wine racks or vertical storage for trays and cutting boards. With enough square feet, we can build out an area for meal planning or even a small workstation complete with charging stations for devices. Enjoy lighting, a pantry island, and perhaps a bench in your pantry - we can customize your luxurious walk-in pantry however you like.

Get a Free Design and Quote on Your Custom Pantry in Alexandria, VA

Let us speak with you about your needs and provide a customized 3D rendering of the proposed project, all for free. We offer excellent pricing for our custom projects because we actually do the work in our own shop -- we don't outsource, and we minimize overhead as much as possible. For a custom closet in Alexandria, a custom home bar, or something else, please get in touch.