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How To Design a Mudroom With Storage

house My Closet Guys Feb 6, 2024

Store your coats, shoes, bags, and more in style with a well-appointed mudroom, and keep leaves, dirt, and other unwanted outdoor debris from entering your living space. Here's how to create a mudroom with effective storage solutions, including woodworking and built-in elements, to keep your entrance organized and welcoming.

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Choosing the Location of Your Mudroom

The first step in designing a mudroom is to decide where it will be located. For homes without an existing space for a mudroom, consider converting part of your garage, laundry room, or even a large hallway into a functional mudroom area. The key is to select a location that naturally integrates with the flow of traffic in and out of your home.

Include Custom Built-in Storage

Built-in storage units are the centerpiece of an effective mudroom. Custom cabinetry, shelving, and lockers can be designed to fit the exact dimensions of your space, maximizing storage capacity without sacrificing floor area. Consider incorporating a mix of hanging space for coats and bags, shelves for hats and gloves, and cabinets or drawers for items that need to be tucked away. If you are feeling extra creative, consider an open shelving concept – this is particularly helpful if you get natural sunlight in your mudroom, as you can add plants to make the room more inviting. You will also want to ask your contractor if they can include a place for bikes to hang on the wall, especially if you live in an urban area.

how to design a mudroom with storage

Utilizing Cubbies and Coat Hangers

Cubbies offer an excellent way to keep individual family members' belongings organized. Assigning a cubby to each person helps maintain order and prevents clutter from accumulating. Above or next to each cubby, install coat hangers or hooks for easy access to outerwear. You can even buy matching baskets that can easily slide in and out of the cubbies or shelves – this saves money, as you can enclose items without having to build out sliding drawers.

Adding Benches for Convenience

You need a bench, of course, to help you get in and out of your shoes and boots. Consider a built-in bench with storage underneath for a space-saving solution. Drawers or open shelving beneath the bench can house shoes, boots, and other footwear, keeping them accessible yet out of the walkway. For added comfort, top the bench with all-weather cushions that complement your home's decor.

garage and mudroom storage system

Woodworking and Custom Solutions

The success of a mudroom often lies in the details, and custom woodworking can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal. From crafting the perfect built-in bench to creating custom cabinetry that fits into awkward spaces, skilled woodworking can transform a basic storage area into a beautifully organized entryway. Work with a contractor who specializes in custom storage systems to bring your vision to life, making sure that every inch of your mudroom is optimized for storage and style.

Personalizing Your Mudroom

There’s nothing wrong with making your mudroom beautiful and uplifting. Use wall colors, artwork, and accessories that tie the mudroom to adjacent areas, creating a cohesive look. Adding personal touches, such as a message board for family notes or a display shelf for decorative items, can make the mudroom feel more like a part of your living space.

Make Sure Your Mudroom Can Grow With Your Family

Adjustable shelving units are a great way to make sure that you have room for shoes, even as the shoe sizes start to get bigger. Don’t make too many long term decisions around the fact that you have toddlers, since they grow up quickly and will need different storage solutions as they get older. If you’ll be adding more coats to the family over time, and as those coats go from baby sizes to adult sizes, you’ll need the extra room.

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